File No. 763.72112/1485

The Consul General at London ( Skinner ) to the Secretary of State


Department’s 18th.

No American cotton ships now detained, and six only comprised in list of twenty-eight ships, cargo of which has been or is being purchased.
No neutral ships of foreign registry held.
My statement July 27 approximately correct, but since original detention of twenty-eight ships 10,721 further bales seized under order [in] council March 11, of which 5,000 steamer Helge, 1,700 steamer Mexicano, and 1,260 steamer Pythia.
Approximately 215,354 bales detained all told, of which 60,000 owned by Swedes or Danes who are making their own arrangements; 7,000 bales shipped by [?] for Harris Irby and 200 bales shipped by Page are alleged to have been sold to Germans after shipment and authorities are declining to purchase. All cases covering cotton sold under contract and for which commercial papers have been produced appear to have been paid for in full on contract prices at a fraction over ten cents to a fraction over thirteen cents per pound, and these cases include probably three fourths of all American-owned cotton seized. In all other cases as far as ascertainable, advance has been made of six cents for linters and eight and ten cents for staple. Owners are now asking from fifteen to eighteen cents for such cotton. Board Trade disinclined to pay these prices and proposition now being dealt with to adjust such claims on average price paid on contract cotton.