File No. 763.72112/1201

The Counselor of the British Embassy (Barclay) to the Counselor for the Department of State

My Dear Mr. Lansing : With reference to our conversation of three days ago on the subject of the complaints that are being made here against the delays to which cotton cargoes in England are alleged to be subjected, I beg to quote for your information the following telegram received from the Foreign Office:

We are doing all we can to expedite purchase of cotton cargoes and are in direct communication for this purpose with American cotton representatives here. Payment will be made without delay in each case to proper parties on proof that they are persons entitled to payment and on their furnishing evidence of contract price. Need for these particulars is now only obstacle to making payment.

It appears also that a memorandum, explaining fully these and other circumstances to which delay in disposing of cases of detention has been due, has been communicated to Mr. Page.

I am [etc.]

Colville Barclay