File No. 763.72112/1141

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Page) to the Secretary of State


2136. Embassy has on record since war began names of thirty-three ships carrying cargoes of American cotton which have been detained by British Government. Of these ships the cargoes of eight are before prize court, ten have been released with their cargo, three of which were permitted to go forward before the publication of order in council. The British Government have agreed to purchase all or part of cargo of thirteen of these ships; in several cases part of cargo put into prize court and part British Government states it will purchase. [Page 404] There are two cargoes about which no replies have yet been received to my representations. Am taking up question of cotton cargoes again with Sir Edward Grey, and am urging upon him again the great necessity for speedy trial by prize court and immediate settlement with American owners as to cargoes which British Government have decided to purchase.

American Ambassador