File No. 441.11B74/3

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


1398. Your 1889, 6th. Inform Foreign Office this Government objects on behalf of owners to detention of Segurança. Shipper’s manifest shows entire cargo consigned to named consignees, Holland, and is accompanied by certificate of British Consul General, New York, that loading was supervised by his inspector, and vessel contains no cargo other than specified in manifest. This Government does not admit right of British Government to require that this cargo be reconsigned to Netherlands Oversea Trust, and will support claims of owners of vessel and cargo for damages for detention.

For information yourself and Consul General. Owners of vessel endeavoring to arrange reconsignment to Oversea Trust and willing, if necessary for prompt release of vessel and cargo, that representative British Government be sent on ship to Rotterdam at owners’ expense to place in storage all articles not delivered to Oversea Trust. This Government will not participate in any arrangements recognizing right of British Government to interfere with this vessel and cargo, but you may submit owners’ suggestion as coming from them, and render such assistance as is possible to secure prompt release. Show Consul General owners’ cable April 7 to you.