File No. 300.115/6229

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


3344. Your 2402, November 3, re salvarsan and neosalvarsan for Metz. Foreign Office informs me that after communication with French Government the two Governments have decided as an exceptional measure to accede to request of United States Government taking into consideration assurances given that quantities as specified are urgently needed for six months supply for whole of United States and that arrangements are being made to manufacture these substances in United States.

British Consul General at Rotterdam has been authorized to issue on application permits for shipment of the quantities specified on production to him of invoices or other documents enabling him to identify the goods.

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Dr. Baketel, Metz representative, left with me on October 29 specifications of quantities needed to last six months which I sent to Foreign Office in personal letter to Sir E. Grey on November 1.

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