File No. 300.115/15212½

The Foreign Trade Adviser of the Department of State ( Fleming ) to the Commercial Adviser of the British Embassy ( Crawford )

My Dear Sir Richard : I acknowledge the receipt of your letter of October 8, 1915, saying “that the British Government are prepared to issue permits for shipments to the United States of books in the German or other language, of a philosophical, scientific, technical, or educational character, if specifically destined for universities, colleges or public bodies,” on condition “that on each application for such permits the good faith of the application and the particular institution concerned should be vouched for by some official authority.”

Immediately upon receipt of your letter, I communicated with the Librarian of Congress with a view to ascertain whether he would be willing to pass upon such applications in the manner indicated in your letter.

In his reply the Librarian of Congress states that the present stoppage in the shipment of these books is a serious inconvenience, and he would gladly aid in any possible way toward removing it. Before definitely undertaking to pass upon the good faith of applications of this character, however, he desires information as to just what elements would be covered by the voucher indicated in your letter.

I should be glad to receive from you the information requested by the Librarian of Congress for the information of this office and for communication to him.

Very truly yours,

W. B. Fleming