File No. 763.72112/365

The Galveston Commercial Association to the Secretary of State


Representing the largest exporting point for cotton in the world it is fitting that we should respectfully call on you to give serious consideration to the present cotton situation. We will enter to the new season with a large surplus in this country and big stocks in the hands of manufacturers obtained at last season’s low figures. We urge that you in your negotiation with the belligerent nations insist on such a free movement of our cotton that as many of the markets of the world as possible may be open to us. The cotton market has already declined one cent on account of the present hampered oversea movement. The American cotton crop commences to move about August 1 and unless it is known that vigorous action in this direction with possible good results is had by your Department cotton values will probably again be depressed below the cost of production as they were last year when the largest part of the crop was out of the hands of the farmer before the cotton market even partially recovered. Only prompt relief will keep the cotton-growing States from distress and will enable the producer to obtain a fair return as a result of your efforts.

Galveston Commercial Association
Morris Stern
, President