File No. 763.72112/1263

The Augusta Cotton Exchange and Board of Trade to the Secretary of State 1


The following resolution was adopted by members of the Augusta Cotton Exchange to-day:

The confiscation or detention of cotton by the English Government shipped from the United States to neutral countries in neutral bottoms under neutral flags is most damaging to the United States since cotton, which is grown from Texas to North Carolina, is one of the great monied crops of these United States and declared by the English Government as non-contraband. We therefore urge Senators Hoke Smith and Thomas W. Hardwick to such action as will bring about between the Government of the United States and England a [Page 192] satisfactory understanding regarding the exportation of cotton to neutral countries making the same safe from confiscation or detention. The large carry-over from this crop coupled with the present growing crop which is soon to be marketed makes prompt action in this line necessary in order that fair values may be maintained.

As you well know it is a matter of vital importance to the cotton growing States of the South and we would appreciate your taking this matter up at once with the President, outlining to him the necessity of prompt action.

Augusta Cotton Exchange and Board of Trade
  1. This and the following telegram are representative of similar communications received almost daily throughout the ensuing months from associations and firms in all the cotton-growing States.