File No. 701.6311/173

The Department of State to the Austro-Hungarian Embassy

The Department of State presents its compliments to the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Embassy and has the honor to enclose herewith copies of two notes1 from the British and French Embassies, [Page 944] respectively, to the effect that the necessary instructions have been issued to British and French naval vessels not to prevent the passage to Europe, on the steamship Nieuw Amsterdam, of the Hamburg-American Line, sailing from New York on October 5, 1915, of Dr. Constantin Theodor Dumba, it being understood that Doctor Dumba will abstain from any unneutral act during the voyage.

It will be observed that the British and French Governments have been informed that Doctor Dumba desires to be accompanied by his valet, Roman Stevanow, an Austrian subject, who is declared to be unfit for military service.

  1. Not printed.