File No. 763.72111F23/54

The British Ambassador ( Spring Rice ) to the Secretary of State

No. 18]

Sir: I have the honour to inform you that I learn that a ship named the KD–3 flying the German flag entered the port of San Juan, Porto Rico, on the 12th instant. The British Consul states that there is evidence to show that this vessel is the former British Farn of London, which has been captured by the enemy. Being private property it is not recognized by international law as lawful prize until it has been taken into a prize court of the captor and adjudicated upon.

I have the honour to request that the United States Government will be so good as to causethis matter to be investigated by the proper authorities and, if satisfied that the facts are as stated above, to give orders for the detention of this vessel in the interests of a proper observance of neutrality.

I have [etc.]

Cecil Spring Rice