File No. 763.72.111R24/36

The German Ambassador (Bernstorff) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: The Imperial Consul General at San Francisco has reported to me and also informed the United States attorney there that a printing office of the place has been carrying on British recruiting for several months. On Wednesday morning, thirty-two men, almost all Americans, were enlisted and entrained in through Tourist Car 1606 for the journey to Chicago, where they arrived early to-day. Other recruits are to join from Ogden and Omaha. Thence they are to proceed to New York, where, it is alleged, they will be embarked by the White Star Line.

I have the honor very respectfully to bring to your excellency’s knowledge the above incident, which appears to me to involve a British violation of American neutrality.

Accept [etc.]

J. Bernstorff