Reply of Mr. Knox.

Mr. Minister: It is always a great pleasure to renew an old acquaintance. You can imagine how much that pleasure is enhanced by renewing it under these delightful auspices. We recall with great pleasure your mission to Washingon, where you were accompanied by your charming wife and young children; and I know of nothing that has occurred since I have been in your hospitable country that has given me more pleasure than when your good wife told me here to-day that some of the happiest moments of her life were spent in Washington. My pleasure is largely increased by hearing one who sustains the same relation to his own Government as I sustain to mine express the deep desire that the sympathies, [Page 544]the friendliness, and the interests of the two countries should become closer and closer. There certainly is no reason why the Republics of this ancient island, which was the seat of American civilization, and their great sister of the north should not be upon the best of terms. I am glad to say that I know of no reason to the contrary. It is a real pleasure for me to propose the health of the President of the Haitian Republic, your own, Mr. Minister, and that of your good wife and your family, and the prosperity and peace of your people; and to express the hope that they may soon reach that point in their development and prosperity which the rich endowments of nature entitles them to attain.