File No. 893.00/680.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


With respect to Yuan Shih Kai, if it is so important, might not the 3,000,000 taels be obtained from native sources? In view of the fact that we have from the first, together with the other interested powers, consistently adhered to a policy of strict neutrality and nonintervention in the present internal disturbances in China, and in view of the probable danger to the persons, property and trade of our nationals throughout China, as well as of the possible international complications involved in a departure from that policy at this time, do you still adhere to your recommendation in your telegram of December 6? The Department has not yet received sufficient evidence to lead it to question the wisdom of the decision reached at the conference of the financial groups held at Paris on November 8 last, nor to alter the general position stated in the telegram to you of November 18.