File No. 812.77/115.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Department’s March 30, 11 a.m. The Cabinet has decided to reject all demands of American employes of Mexican National Railways. It acted upon what I know to be false information as to the attitude of the American railway servants and the representations of General Manager Clark.

I represented to the Minister for Foreign Affairs that (1) the interruption of traffic and transportation of soldiers, (2) the possible boycott by labor organization of incoming and outgoing Mexican freight, (3) the prejudice which would be excited against Mexican employees in the United States, (4) the intrusion of the question into congressional discussion and consequent embarrassment of the President, (5) the public sympathy which would be aroused by the return of some 4,000 Americans to the United States deprived of their positions through unjust and discriminating intrigues—would all contribute toward serious results.

The Cabinet will reconsider, in view of my representations.