File No. 718.1915/192.


The Ministers on Special Mission to the Chief Justice.

The undersigned, Joaquin Bernardo Calvo, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Republic of Costa Rica, and Belisario Porras, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Republic of Panama, have received the respective notes of your honor addressed to them under date of the 25th instant, wherein you were pleased to indicate your willingness to accept the position of arbitrator in the Costa Rica-Panama boundary dispute referred for your decision under the terms of the protocol of March 17, 1910.

Your honor has seen fit to make your acceptance subject to the following condition: “that all the documents and papers submitted to you for your action in your official capacity which are originally in the Spanish language shall be translated into English by a translator selected by the respective parties, they being therefore wholly responsible for the sufficiency and accuracy of the translations, and that all the arguments or proceedings submitted to you to be acted upon shall be in the English language,” which both parties hereby accept.

As a matter of convenience both parties agree to submit all arguments, documents, and evidence to your honor translated into English wholly upon their responsibility, each party furnishing its own translation, which, if not impugned by the other, shall be considered and admitted to be correct and binding; and both parties further agree to select a translator who shall in all cases pass upon the sufficiency or accuracy of all translations submitted. The selection of the translator will be made after consultation with the Department of State.

The undersigned desire to convey to your honor the expression of the sincere gratitude of their respective Governments for the important service your honor has consented to render in this regard.

  • J. B. Calvo.
  • Belisario Porras.