File No. 711.574.

The Norwegian Minister to the Secretary of State.

Sir: By Article III of the convention concluded May 26, 1869, between Norway and Sweden and the United States it has been stipulated that if a citizen of the one party, who has become a recognized citizen of the other party, takes up his abode once more in his original country, and applies to be restored to his former citizenship, the Government of the last-named country is authorized to receive him again as a citizen on such conditions as the said Government may think proper.

In order to define and explain more exactly the contents of the said convention, the respective powers have in a protocol done at Stockholm, May 26, 1869, made the following declaration relating to the above-mentioned Article III:

It is further agreed that if a Swede or Norwegian who has become a naturalized citizen of the United States, renews his residence in Sweden or Norway without the intent to return to America, he shall be held by the Government of the United States to have renounced his American citizenship. The intent not to return to America may be held to exist when the person so naturalized resides more than two years in Sweden or Norway.

Acting under instructions from my Government I have the honor to ask whether the American Government might be willing to accept such an interpretation of the above-mentioned Section III of the protocol, that the two years’ stay in the original country shall be considered to be only a term, after the expiration of which the person concerned shall under any circumstances whatever be held to have renounced his American citizenship, so that the renouncement of the said citizenship may be deemed to have taken place before the expiration of the two years in case the person in question has satisfactorily stated his intention not to return to the United States of America.

Adding that I should feel greatly obliged for receiving in due course your excellency’s answer in the matter set forth above,

I avail, etc.,

H. Bryn.