File No. 817.00/1640.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.

No. 58.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that on receipt of the Department’s telegram of June 1, I arranged for a conference with President Diaz, * * * at the legation on last Saturday night, June 3, the President having suggested the legation as the best place for the conference.

I began by stating that I had been instructed by my Government to assure him of its support as far as was possible and to say to him that I was ready to do anything in my power to sustain him and his administration. The President replied by thanking my Government for this expression and stated that he had understood this attitude of the Government of the United States from the first through expressions made by me; that so far as he could see there was nothing to be done that had not already been done. I then informed him that I had communicated to my Government his promise to me not to resign, and that I was instructed to say that my Government considered the pledge as given to it through me, and appreciated it very much. He replied renewing the pledge. I then stated that I had heard rumors to the effect that he was not entirely satisfied with Gen. Mena’s attitude, and asked if I could be of any service in that direction. He replied that these rumors were unfounded; that he was not only entirely satisfied with Gen. Mena’s actions and attitude, but [Page 664] that he believed Mena necessary to the present situation. I then asked him if he thought Liberals were being unjustly imprisoned, and he replied, No; that the reports of the prisons being full were exaggerated, and that he approved what had been done as necessary. I then asked President Diaz what he thought about Gen. Chamorro’s return, and he replied that Gen. Chamorro was a splendid fellow, one of the best in the world, but that he did not believe this an opportune time for his return, as his coming would cause trouble. I then asked him if he did not believe that he, Diaz, with my assistance, could bring about an understanding between Mena and Chamorro, to which he replied that it was possible, but would cause endless trouble and annoyance afterward, and that he would prefer that I did not take the matter up with Mena.

The President then inquired about the loan, but I informed him that I had received no further news of it from my Government. * * *

Inclosed herewith is a copy of an agreement, with translation, signed by Diaz and Mena on May 9 last. It is perhaps needless for me to say that I was in no way a party to this agreement. When shown me I at once said that I could not agree at all to be bound by it, as far as my influence went, as the people of Nicaragua should have the right to freely select the President to succeed Diaz at the expiration of Estrada’s term, and with this Gen. Mena seemed perfectly satisfied.

In view of all this I am led to the conclusion that Diaz will retain the presidency just so long and no longer as it suits him, regardless of any pledge or promise he may have made to me or to anyone else. The whole matter resolves itself into a question of how long the present status, supported as it is only by Mena’s strength, Diaz having in himself no following or strength, can be maintained. If the loan contracts were submitted now they would at once be approved. That trouble will come and continue to come until the loan question is settled, I am convinced.

I have, etc.,

Elliott Northcott.

Agreement between Diaz and Mena.


In order to solve the political difficulties which have arisen among the chiefs of the revolution of October, and principally those that have appeared in the last few days, Gen. Luis Mena and Adolfo Diaz have agreed on the following:

Mena will assist Diaz, who now holds the presidency of the Republic, in the development of a policy of concord tending to return tranquility to the State, and pledges himself to give him his whole support to uphold his administration.
Diaz will place no obstacle whatever in the way of the future election work in favor of Mena for the candidacy for the presidency of the Republic during the next term, pledging himself to assist him in every way possible and to support him in his administration.

  • Adolfo Diaz.
  • Luis Mena.