File Nos. 817.00/1593, 1594, 1595, 1596.


A Liberal plot supported by Zelaya has been discovered. The President urgently requests that an American Avar vessel be immediately sent to patrol the coast between San Juan del Sur and Corinto and watch for filibuster that left San Francisco some time ago. Diaz also requests legation to urge Costa Rica Government to watch Rudolfo Espinosa and Moncada, who are together on a boat bound for Límon, evidently intending to cross through Costa Rica to the Pacific side and join the insurrection. This probably explains Estrada’s treachery and proves the troubles are due to opposition to the program by an anti-American party. Diaz says Mena is cooperating with him admirably. I repeat my belief that a war vessel is necessary on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.