File No. 817.00/1550.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


Your April 4 and April 5.1 While the policy adopted by President Estrada under the circumstances meets with the approval of this Government, you will nevertheless make every effort during this crisis to impress upon the party leaders the fact that by their agreements transmitted to Dawson they have assumed a responsibility toward this Government of working harmoniously and in a conciliatory spirit. The said agreements led to the election of President Estrada and the resulting recognition of his Government by that of the United States. The responsibility under those agreements applies especially to the approaching free elections. For now that the financial operations for the rehabilitation of that country—the first necessity for its peace and progress—are begun any delay in the said elections or the failure of the new constitutional assembly to meet promptly thereafter might gravely jeopardize the future of Nicaragua.

  1. Telegrams conveying news more fully reported in dispatch No. 28, above.