File No. 417.00/21.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to the American Minister.


Mr. Minister: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s courteous communication of the 21st instant in which your excellency is pleased to inform me that, in accordance with the wishes previously expressed by the Government of Nicaragua to place itself in accord with the Department of State of the United States with regard to the organization of a tribunal to examine and [Page 631] pass upon all unliquidated claims pending against my Government including such as may originate from the cancellation or suspension of monopolies, concessions, leases, and other contracts entered into by prior Governments of this Republic for the purpose of guaranteeing the necessary impartiality to foreigners in the adjustment of these questions, the Government of the United States assents and accedes to the proposal of my Government to form such a tribunal and agrees to act with the Government of Nicaragua in constituting and composing the tribunal referred to above.

Your excellency then goes on to explain what is in your opinion the composition, procedure, and practice of the tribunal, and you conclude by informing me that your excellency’s Government recommends that Thomas P. Moffat be nominated as the second member of the commission.

I have received instructions from my Government to reply to your excellency that, as the Governments of Nicaragua and the United States are in accord on these points, it will proceed to take the necessary steps leading to the creation, the organization, and the constitution of the tribunal, keeping before it the fact that Mr. Moffat has been recommended, and assuring your excellency that the name of the Nicaraguan member will very soon be made known.

I avail, etc.,

Joaquín Gómez.