File No. 881.00/532.

The French Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: By order of my Government, which is in accord with the German Government in this matter, I have the honor to communicate herewith to your excellency a copy of two explanatory letters exchanged by the ambassador of the French Republic at Berlin and the imperial secretary of state for foreign affairs to accompany the Franco-German convention of November 4 relative to Morocco.

These letters1 specify the scope of some of the articles of the convention; they are communicated to all the powers signatory to the act of Madrid.

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I avail myself of this opportunity to remind your excellency of the value my Government would attach to hearing that, for your part, your excellency sees no objection to the introduction into Morocco of reforms that not only respect the American economic interests in those parts, but also insure their development under conditions infinitely more favorable than if the disturbed situation of these last years had continued.

As regards the changes to be made in the status quo which would involve a modification of existing international agrements, my Government is aware that the approval of the United States Senate is required. It would, however, wish to receive even now the assurance that your excellency would be disposed to take such steps as may be necessary to accomplish that end.

Referring to the indications I already have had the honor to make known to your excellency, I beg leave to remind you that the arrangement concluded on the 4th of last month by France and Germany has already received the adhesion of Russia, England, Italy, Sweden, and Morocco itself, whose Sultan has forwarded to the Government of the Republic letters formulating unqualified acceptance.

Be pleased, etc.,

  1. Not printed.