File No. 704.9312/10.


No. 667.]

Sir: With reference to the Department’s telegraphic instructions of May 271ast, in which it was indicated that there would be no impropriety, in the event that no objection was offered by the Mexican Government, in the use of good offices by the American consular agent at Torreón on behalf of Chinese, I have the honor to advise the Department that when a condition menacing the safety of the Chinese residents of Tapachula was reported to the embassy, on May 24 last, I considered in view of the above-mentioned instructions that I was not overstepping the bounds of propriety in calling the attention of the foreign office to their predicament, especially on account of the fact that certain of these Chinese possessed American citizenship.

I inclose to the Department herewith copy of a note which I addressed the foreign office, and beg to say that the foreign office in replying has stated that all necessary steps will be taken to protect the lives and property both of Americans and Chinese.

I have [etc.],

Henry Lane Wilson.