File No. 711.1216M/167.

The Department of State to the Mexican Embassy.

Oscar Lawler, Esq., Assistant Attorney General for the Interior Department, is proceeding to Mexico City as special agent of the President to complete arrangements regarding free importation and filing of the necessary bond for the Mexican company, the Colorado River Land Co. It is hoped, should there be any delay in the arranging of a permanent bond, that the Government of Mexico will be able to see its way clear to accept a temporary bond, to be replaced by the permanent bond when finally agreed upon.

It is further suggested that for such goods as will remain dutiable under the exchange of notes arrangements be made for the designation of an officer of the Mexican Government and an officer of the Customs Service of the United States mutually to check or invoice goods as they cross the line, and that upon such invoicing the commodity involved be transported expeditiously to destination upon the assurance of the Government of the United States that the duties leviable thereon will be paid through its proper disbursing officer appointed for the purpose of paying out the fund appropriated to accomplish the protective works involved. In view of the great urgency existing regarding the completion of this work it is hoped that the Mexican Government will be able to enter into some such arrangement as set forth.