File No. 3172/126.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 156.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit, herewith, a translation of a note from the Mexican foreign office of the 28th instant, which explains the action taken by the Mexican Government.

I have, etc.,

Henry Lane Wilson.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to the American Ambassador.

Mr. Ambassador: I have the honor to advise your excellency that, acting in accordance with the wishes of the American Government as expressed in the copy of the telegram you had the kindness to send me under date of the 23d instant, the President of the Republic has been pleased’ to direct that Mr. J. A. Ockerson and the persons who accompany him be given all possible facilities that will enable them to make their surveys and investigations along the Colorado River, in the case that they should have to cross the dividing line and study on the Mexican side the various canals by which the above-mentioned river is diverted; and to that end I am now requesting the department of gobernación, as well as the department of the treasury, that telegraphic instructions be given to the proper authorities, directing them not to prevent in any way the work of the American commission in question and that it be permitted the free entry of such supplies as it may bring with it for the purpose of its works.

I avail [etc.],

Enrique C. Creel.