File No. 3172/72.

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Ambassador.

No. 421.]

Sir: On the 4th instant the Department sent you the following telegram:

Request Mexican Government to grant permission for a surveying party of not more than 10 persons to conduct a line of surveys on Mexican side of international boundary from vicinity of Colorado River westerly to vicinity of Calexico, in Imperial County, Cal. Request also free entry for outfit. The survey is in furtherance of construction of Laguna Dam by Reclamation Service.

For your full information in the matter I inclose herewith a copy of the letter from the Secretary of the Interior on which the telegram is based.

I am [etc.],

Robert Bacon.

The Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of State.

Sir: It is desirable to obtain, if practicable, permission from the Mexican Government for a small survey party, consisting of not to exceed 10 individuals, [Page 538] to conduct a line of surveys on the Mexican side of the international border from the vicinity of Colorado River westerly to the vicinity of Calexico, in Imperial County, Cal.

There is now under construction by the Reclamation Service on the Colorado River, about 25 miles above the international boundary, what is known as the Laguna Dam. From this a canal line is being constructed on the west side southerly along Colorado River. This line if extended will reach the international boundary in the vicinity of Pilot Knob and at an elevation of some feet above the level of the present irrigating canal of the California Development Co.

It is desirable to know whether it is physically possible and practicable to continue this line through a portion of Mexico around the sand hills which lie along the border, then turning northward enter Imperial Valley at an elevation considerably above the level of the canals now irrigating lands in that valley.

There is known to be a large area of public land which might be reached by a high-line canal heading at Laguna Dam, and in view of future negotiations it is important to have facts as to the probable cost of the canal or ditch, if such should be constructed.

Very respectfully,

James Rudolph Garfield.