File No. 713.001/21.


[Transmitted by the American Minister to Guatemala in dispatch No. 65 of Mar. 14, 1911.]

Whereas the Governments of Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras deem it of urgent necessity to amend Article V of the Washington treaty of 1907 relative to transferring to the city of San José, capital of Costa Rica, the seat of the Central American Court of Justice, which, pursuant to the above-named treaty, should reside at Cartago, they have named as delegates: Guatemala, Señor Licenciado don José Pinto; Nicaragua, Señor don Arturo Elizondo; El Salvador, Señor Doctor don José Rodriguez; Costa Rica, Señor Licenciado don Carlos Lara; and Honduras, Señor Doctor don Manuel F. Barahona.

The delegates assembled in the Central American International Office and, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, which they found to be in good and due form, have agreed upon the following:

Article I. Article V of the treaty of Washington of December 20, 1907, is changed to read as follows:

Art. V. The Central American Court of Justice shall sit at the city of San José in the Republic of Costa Rica, but it may on occasion transfer its residence to another point in Central America when it may deem it proper to do so for reasons of health, of assuring the exercise of its functions, or of the personal security of its members.

Art. II. This convention shall be ratified by exchange of notes between the interested Governments and may be put in force on ratification thereof.

  • J. Pinto.
  • Arturo Elizondo,
  • J. A. Rodríguez,
  • Carlos Lara,
  • Manuel F. Barahona.

Ratified1 by Costa Rica, January 11, 1911; Guatemala, February 20, 1911; Salvador, March 17, 1911; Nicaragua, December 30, 1911; Honduras, March 19, 1912.

  1. Notice of these ratifications may be found, except that of Honduras, in “Salvador: Boletin del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores; 1911” in the library of the Pan-American Union at Washington, at the following pages: Costa Rica, 99; Guatemala, 205; Salvador, 208; Nicaragua, 692. The ratification of Honduras at page 6 of Boletin vii for 1912 (Salvador).