File No. 812.00/499.

The Mexican Ambassador to the Secretary of State.1

No. 362.]

Excellency: By telegram received the 26th instant from the ministry for foreign affairs I am informed that two persons, named Abraham González and Perfecto Lomelí, who were active agents of Francisco I. Madero in the revolt started in Chihuahua, are now in Presidio, Tex., where they continue stirring up trouble and consequently violating the neutrality laws of the United States.

Therefore my Government would be glad if the competent authorities of the United States would arrest these men or at least keep them under strict surveillance.

Accept [etc.],

T. L. de la Barra.
  1. This note was referred Dec. 1 to the Department of Justice, and by that department to the U. S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. (812.00/540.)