File No. 812.00/512.

The Mexican Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


The Government of Mexico has been informed that Antonio Rincon, Librado Rivera, Ricardo Flores Magón, Praxedis G. Guerrero, Aurelio Figueroa, Emilio Campo, and Jesus M. González, who have been inciting revolutions in their periodical Regeneracion, are preparing in Los Angeles aid for the revolutionists in Mexico. The embassy has therefore been instructed to inform the Department of State of this violation of the neutrality laws.

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The Government of Mexico knows that the agitator Madero is within the territory of the United States, and since he has clearly violated the neutrality laws the ambassador of Mexico takes the liberty of informing the Department of State of his presence, with the assurance that the American Government will afford new proof of its respect for law and its friendship for Mexico by ordering the arrest of said person.