File No. 812.00/421.


The Government of Mexico has in its possession documents signed by Francisco I. Madero, in which he calls himself Provisional President of the Republic, appoints as governor of Tlaxcala the engineer Manuel Uiquiti, and writes to the capitalist José M. Ortiz asking for a loan of money. The Government has also a proclamation addressed by Madero to the National Army inviting it to make a declaration of its sentiments. In the capital of the Republic 50 rifles purchased by an agent of Madero have been collected and a search is being made for other stores of arms, which it is known have been purchased by the same agent. The Government offers to transmit to this embassy copies of said documents which will in due time be presented to the Department.

The ambassador limits himself to making this known to the Department of State, confident that the American Government in a spirit of justice and in further manifestation of its friendship toward Mexico, will take the steps necessary to prevent in its territory the commission of acts tending to disturb the peace of Mexico, and is likewise certain that those guilty of the violation of the laws of the United States will be duly punished.