File No. 882.51/153.

The French Minister for Foreign Affairs to the American Ambassador to France.


Mr. Ambassador: By a letter of November 15 last1 your excellency was good enough to express the desire to know if the Government of the Republic accepts the proposals of the Federal Government with reference to Liberia which your excellency communicated to my department on the 27th and 28th September last.

I have the honor to advise you that the Government of the Republic is ready to give its adhesion to these proposals of the Federal Government, subject to receiving satisfactory assurances as to—

The maintenance of absolute economic equality for all the powers in Liberia.
The settlement of the question of the Franco-Liberian boundary as adopted by the last Franco-Liberian boundary commission.
The participation of France in the financial organization of the country.

The Government of the Republic desires, furthermore, the retention of the French doctor charged with the direction of public hygiene.

Accept, etc.,

S. Pichon.
  1. Not printed.