The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


After consultation with bankers, Department thinks negotiations for refunding Liberia’s debts would be facilitated if Falkner had authority while in Europe on his way to Monrovia to secure options on outstanding indebtedness. To do this additional credentials should be sent him reading:

With full power and authority for and in the name of the Republic of Liberia to arrange for the repayment or refunding of the foreign loans of Liberia and for the payment, funding, or refunding of the domestic debts of Liberia and for the adjustment of any other outstanding indebtedness of Liberia or claims against Liberia of any description whatsoever, the said arrangements to be subject to the ratification, etc.

Bring this to the attention of the Liberian Government and state that Dr. Falkner expects to sail for Hamburg July 9, and his commissions should meet him there.