File No. 882.51/50a.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


In continuation department’s cable 11th.1 Financial arrangements have reached stage that makes it necessary for Liberia to appoint financial representative to negotiate ad referendum with bankers. Department suggests appointment of Dr. Falkner, chairman of the American commission to Liberia, who has been intimately associated with the negotiations. Kuhn, Loeb & Co., William and Pine Streets, New York, the American bankers interested, are willing to advance Falkner’s expenses up to $4,000, and charge same as part of expense of loan. If this plan agreeable to Liberia, Department suggests that Liberia first cable Falkner, care Department, notification of his appointment; secondly, cable bankers to place funds at Falkner’s disposal on above understanding; thirdly, mail credentials in due form to Falkner, care American consul general, Hamburg. Credentials might read: “Know all men by these presents, that Roland P. Falkner, of the United States of America, is hereby appointed special financial representative of the Republic of Liberia with full power and authority for and in the name of the Republic of Liberia to negotiate, conclude, and sign an agreement with a banking firm or firms for the purpose of raising a loan to pay off or refund the foreign and domestic debts of the Republic, the said agreement to be subject to the ratification of the President of Liberia by and with the advice and consent of the legislature thereof. In testimony whereof,” etc. Foreign nations pressing for reorganization of Liberian finances and Department should have reply as soon as possible.