File No. 150.655/6.


[The note of Apr. 11, 1911, referred to in despatch 426; transmitted to the Secretary Aug. 8.]

I have attentively examined the proposal which the American Embassy has made me in the name of the Federal Government, that the military doctors embarked as royal commissioners on board ships in the emigration service sailing from Italian ports receive instructions to declare directly to the quarantine officers of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and New Orleans whether or not during the voyage there have been any cases of contagious diseases on board.

I very willingly accede to this request, and I take steps in the meantime that instructions be given to that effect to the royal traveling commissioners, whose functions depend especially upon article 11 of the law of July 17, 1910, No. 538, and articles 157 et seq. of the regulations approved by royal decree of July 10, 1901, No. 375. Of the law and regulation mentioned above I beg leave to inclose herewith two copies.

I hope that this provision, collaborated in by the Federal authorities and those of the Italian Government, may give useful results in the relations between the two countries to prevent in every possible way the spread of contagion.

Di S. Giuliano.