File No. 158.931/64

The Russian Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


The bubonic plague in Manchuria threatens to spread not only into the Russian dominions, but into Europe and America. Though [Page 57] effective measures have been taken by the Russian authorities within the conceded zone of the Eastern Chinese Railroad which prevent the epidemic from making any progress, centers of the disease outside that zone are for the latter a constant menace. The measures adopted in these points by the Chinese authorities are. neither rational nor efficacious. It is necessary that a joint pressure of the powers be brought on the Chinese Government to induce them to adopt more effective measures against this common peril.

The Imperial Russian Government think that, in the first place, the Chinese should intrust to foreign physicians the care of deciding upon such measures, these physicians to be in the Chinese service. They further are of opinion that it would be highly desirable to agree with the Chinese Government to have an international scientific expedition sent to Manchuria with the object to study the centers of bubonic plague and to report on the progress of the epidemic.

The Imperial Russian Embassy is instructed by telegraph to ascertain the views of the Government of the United States on this subject.