File No. 815.00/1189A.

The Acting Secretary of State to the Special Commissioner.

Thomas C. Dawson, Esq.,
Washington, D. C.

Sir: You have been designated special commissioner of the United States, and you are instructed to proceed at your early convenience to Honduras by way of New Orleans, La., and Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, availing at the latter place of a war vessel of the United States, to which proper instructions have already been issued to convey you to Puerto Cortes, Honduras. On your arrival there you will at once communicate with the representatives of the Government of Honduras and of the insurrectionist party, respectively, and you will use your impartial good offices to compose, by peaceful means, the controversy between them.

In pursuance of your mission you are instructed to invite the representatives of the Government and insurrectionist parties to meet, in the presence of yourself as the representative of the United States, on the decks of the American naval vessels in Honduran waters, and you will place your kindly counsel at the disposition of [Page 300] both parties in order to secure a peaceful adjustment of the pending difficulties and to prevent the useless shedding of blood in a fratricidal conflict.

For your information and guidance I inclose herewith copies of telegraphic correspondence relative to the proposed mediation by the United States. As you are already familiar with them, the views and desires of this Government will doubtless sufficiently appear from the above outline, and further instructions will be sent to you from time to time.

You will keep the Department fully advised as to the situation, and when your presence is no longer necessary in Honduras you are authorized to return to the United States directly or by way of Guatemala City, at your discretion.

You will be entitled to draw upon the Secretary of State for your actual and necessary traveling and living expenses while engaged in your mission.

I am, etc.,

Huntington Wilson.