File No. 838.00/647.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Furniss reports that he communicated the Department’s August 10 to Leconte through a mutual friend, mentioning also the McDonald and other contracts with Americans which it was reported that Leconte intended to break. Leconte replied with assurances but as the mutual friend was unwilling to accept responsibility Leconte arranged an appointment with the counselor of state at the legation to convey official assurances. The interview took place; the vice and deputy consul were present. The counselor of state said that he was instructed by Leconte to say that loans would be made through the bank and that he would be glad to have as much American capital participate as possible; that he guaranteed protection to all American interests as soon as elected and would equitably, adjust claims resulting from the recent revolt. He counted upon the support of the Government of the United States to have the time limit for the settlement of claims extended, so as to give opportunity for an amicable settlement. The election will take place on the 14th. Firmin has withdrawn his candidacy and there will be no opposition to Leconte. Opposition would be useless anyway with the military forces at hand. Information has been received to the effect that the Haitian consul at New York recommended illegal collection of consular invoice fees on the 26th ultimo. French naval vessel Detress reached Port au Prince on the 11th.