File No. 825.032–1.


[The message of the President, Don Ramón Barros Luco, was read to the Congress June 1, 1911, and transmitted to the Secretary of State June 10 by the American minister, Mr. Fletcher. The following is the only passage referring to the United States:]


Our relations with the United States of America tend to grow more close and consolidated each day; the development of our common economic and industrial interests will contribute greatly to this end. The marked respect which the Government of that country has shown for ours in honoring the memory of our representative in Washington1 has awakened the most sincere gratitude of the nation.

The Fourth International Conference of the American States which was held in Buenos Aires in July and August of last year accomplished a very interesting work, following strictly the program which the interested Governments had previously approved. Its deliberations concerned themselves with matters of common interest for American States, and its resolutions, adopted unanimously, obeyed principally the proposition of uniting them in a policy of solidarity which should assure the peace of the continent. All contentious subjects were eliminated from the program; the debates were held in an atmosphere of cordiality which favored the adoption of resolutions of real international importance.

  1. The late minister, Don Aníbal Cruz, who died Dec. 18, 1910. See Foreign Relations, 1910, pp. 136137.