File No. 814.0441/5.

The Secretary of State to the American Chargé d’Affaires.

No. 84.]

Sir: The department is in receipt of Mr. Hitt’s dispatch No. 96 of May 27 last, inclosing a copy of a note from the Guatemalan minister for foreign affairs, incorporating instructions issued by the minister of government and justice to the departmental governors and judges of first instance, directing them to permit American citizens under arrest in Guatemala to communicate freely with their diplomatic or consular representatives or with any other person, except only in those cases in which the laws in force specifically forbid such intercourse.

Mr. Hitt also reports that he has sent copies of the foreign minister’s note to the consul general for the information and guidance of the latter and of the American consular agents in Guatemala, with instructions to report promptly any failure of the local authorities to comply with the instructions of the minister of government and justice.

The department is awaiting a reply to instruction 74 of the 2d ultimo before answering Mr. Hitt’s No. 96.

I am [etc.],

P. C. Knox.