File No. 822.00/149.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.

[Extract ]
No. 4.]

Sir: I have the honor to make the following report regarding the recent disorders in Quito.

On August 11, without any previous warning, firing suddenly broke out all over the city. * * * Field guns were brought into the principal streets and discharged, at no one in particular, but with the apparent end in view of intimidating the populace. From the cries of “Viva Estrada!” and “Abajo Alfaro!” it soon became [Page 187] evident that the whole of the army stationed at Quito had abandoned the President, Gen. Eloy Alfaro, and gone over to President-elect Emilio Estrada. The only body of troops remaining loyal was * * * stationed on the outskirts of the city. After a skirmish in which they lost about 25 dead and wounded this body of troops also went over to the insurgents. * * * Late in the day it was learned that * * * President Alfaro * * * had taken refuge in the Chilean Legation. The whole of the President’s Cabinet and Gen. Flavio Alfaro, Estrada’s chief opponent [in the January elections], were captured and put in the penitentiary. * * * The Chilean minister prepared a note, which was signed by the Colombian, Chilean, American, and Brazilian ministers and by the British chargé d’affaires, which recited that desiring to avoid further bloodshed and actuated by motives of humanity the undersigned requested Gen. Páez [commanding the troops stationed at Riobamba and Am-bato, who had remained loyal to President Eloy Alfaro] to delay his march on Quito until the Government could appoint a commission to treat with him. This note was delivered to Gen. Páez by the secretary of the Colombian Legation. [He assented and] a commission consisting of the Brazilian minister, representing the diplomatic corps, and the provisional minister of the interior, representing the Government, was gent to treat with Gen. Páez, on August 13. They returned to Quito the next day and reported that terms had been agreed on and Gen. Páez was moving his troops back to their original position. * * * The total number of dead and wounded from the disorders of the 11th is estimated to be between 200 and 300, mostly Indians.

Everything is now quiet. The Provisional Government has shown itself able to maintain order.


No. 8.

The resignation of President Alfaro was presented to Congress and promptly accepted by that body. A review of the election of last January was then, undertaken, and in due time its results—102,000 votes for Estrada as against 3,000 for Gen. Alfaro—were announced, and Emilio Estrada was duly declared to have been legally and constitutionally elected President of the Republic.

I have, etc.,

Evan E. Young.