File No. 839.00/477.


Sir: I have the honor to inform you that the Morales expedition that landed in the east from Porto Rico has met with dismal failure.

Morales himself was brought here yesterday, and is now in the fortress, awaiting, according to the Government’s statement, trial by the courts. Mauricio Jiménez is also in the fortress. Nemesio Guzmán was killed in an encounter with the Government troops. About a dozen or fifteen more, Dominicans and Porto Ricans, captured with the party, are also prisoners. This accounts for all the chiefs of the projected Morales revolution of last spring from Porto Rico, who were arrested in San Juan, with the exception of Zenón Torribio, and he lately arrived at Puerto Plata on a French steamer, but was not allowed to land—he is supposed to be somewhere in Haiti.

William W. Russell.