File No. 738.3915/77.

The Dominican Commissioners to the Secretary of State.


Hon. Mr. Secretary: We have the honor to inform your excellency that, by reason of the political events which recently occurred in Haiti and brought about a change in the personnel of the Government of that Republic, it is to be presumed that the new regime will prefer to give its whole attention at present to the work of internal organization, wherefore there can be no certainty that it will be for the time being possible to bring to a conclusion the protocol we were commissioned to arrange with its representative in the North American Union. For that reason and it being impracticable for us to stay indefinitely away from Santo Domingo, our Government has authorized us to return after discharging the pleasant duty, which we hereby do, of assuring your Department that our departure in no wise implies a relinquishment on the part of the Dominican Government of its high purpose to reach an early final settlement of its boundary question, toward which the Government so efficiently and worthily represented by your excellency tendered its weighty good offices.

We take, etc.,

  • Franco J. Peynado.
  • Apolinar Tejera.