File No. 3710/13.

The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Dominican Republic .

No. 11.]

Sir: Referring to your note of January 4, 1910, wherewith you transmit a copy of the tariff which the Dominican Congress voted in modification of the former tariff of the Republic, and in which you state that your Government wishes to submit it to the President of the United States in compliance with the provision of article 3 of the American-Dominican Convention of February 7,1 1907, I have the honor to inform you that the Dominican Executive has demonstrated and the President of the United States recognizes that on the basis of exportations and importations to the like amount and the like character, during the two years preceding January 1, 1910, the total net customs receipts would, at rates of duties as altered by the proposed new tariff, have been for each of such two years in excess of the sum of $2,000,000 gold.

The Department, therefore, further informs you that the Government of the United States agrees to the proposed modification of the import duties of the Dominican Republic, which modification was put into effect on January 1, 1910, with the understanding that the (government of the United States did not waive its right to subsequently disapprove the tariff if it did not conform to the terms of the convention of February 7,1 1907.

Accept; etc.,

P. C. Knox.
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