File No. 811.34537/49.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.

No. 623.]

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence in regard to the enlargement of our naval station at Guantánamo, I have the honor to [Page 136] transmit herewith a copy and translation of a confidential note dated the 8th instant which I received from Sr. Sanguily, the Cuban secretary of state, last night * * *.1

The Secretary in this note refers to the treaty of 1904 in regard to the Isle of Pines for the first time * * *.

I have [etc.],

John B. Jackson.

The Cuban Secretary of State to the American Minister.

No. 13.]

Mr. Minister: In reference to the conversation which we had when your excellency brought me your note in regard to the new limits to be given to the Guantánamo naval station2 it is a real pleasure to me to advise your excellency * * * [concerning the Guantánamo naval station and the Intervention claims, which see for the text omitted.]

The present occasion also seems to me a most propitious one in which, once for all, by means of a resolution of the Federal Congress, to define the soverignty of the Isle of Pines, the uncertainty of the nationality of which, because not conforming to the provisions of the Piatt amendment and the treaty of 1904, is a continual source of annoying difficulties to both Governments and of constant friction between the North American subjects who have settled there and Cuban authorities in that territory. * * * [The omission concerns the possibility of a third intervention, also the area of Bahía Honda, and is printed under Naval Station at Guantánamo.]

I avail, etc.,

Manuel Sanguily.
  1. The omissions appear under Naval Station at Guantánamo and Claim for the cost of intervention in Cuba, pp. 118 and 134.
  2. See dispatch 567 under Naval Station at Guantánamo, p. 115.