File No. 811.34537/48.

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Minister.

Sir: The Department acknowledges the receipt of your dispatches No. 567 of January 14, 1911; No. 594 of January 24, 19111; and No. 605 of January 30, 1911,1 all with regard to the proposed enlargement of the United States naval station at Guantánamo, Cuba. In all of these despatches, however, you emphasize the fact that the Cuban Government is very anxious to know whether or not the Government of the United States is, as has been rumored, entertaining a claim against Cuba arising from the presence of our military forces during the second intervention, 1906–1909.

In reply, you are informed that copies of pertinent correspondence relative to the latter subject have been sent to the President, with the statement that this is a question of much importance, involving a matter of great concern to the Secretary of War, and that it is therefore presumed that the President will desire to deal with it personally. Upon receipt of the President’s reply you will be promptly communicated with.

I am, etc.,

Huntington Wilson.
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