File No. 831.415 A/18.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


The ambassador will reside at the house reserved by the Venezuelan Government. Instructs to accept the offer with appropriate expressions of thanks. Mr. Hugh S. Knox, of the Department of State, will be secretary of the special mission, and Capt. Frank Parker, United States Army, military attaché. The North Carolina, which carries the special mission, will arrive at La Guaira in the evening of the 29th instant.

A luncheon followed by a reception will be given by the ambassador on the North Carolina on July 4 to the President of Venezuela and his Cabinet. The ambassador also desires to give an official dinner at the temporary embassy on such date as may be found convenient. The cruiser will remain at La Guaira until the 9th. Informally extend invitations to the President and the Cabinet to the luncheon [Page 755] on the cruiser at the earliest opportunity. The formal invitations will be brought by Mr. Dawson.

The ambassador will place a wreath on the statue of Bolívar on the 5th.