File No. 711.5211/1.

The Minister of Spain to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary: Referring to the previous correspondence exchanged between His Majesty’s legation and the department under your excellency’s worthy charge in regard to the killing of the steward of the steamship Vivina, in the port of Pensacola, Fla., I have the honor to inform you that, having forwarded in due course to my Government the contents of your excellency’s note dated December 7, 1910, on the subject, I have received instructions to say in reply thereto that His Majesty’s Government, without derogating from the views it has expounded on this point, accepts, in view of the said note and the interpretation therein placed on article 23 of the treaty of friendship and general relations in force between the two countries, the position of the United States, and will observe hereafter the strictest reciprocity when cases like that under consideration arise in the Spanish ports.

I avail, etc.,

Juan Riaño.