File No. 6775/62.

The Mexican Minister to the Secretary of State.

No. 25.]

Honorable Sir: Confirming my communication in our interview of yesterday touching the probabilities of war in Central America, I have the honor to inform you that my Government is in receipt of positive information that hostilities are about to break out among those Republics through the invasion of Nicaragua by Guatemalan and Salvadorean forces, and that in view of this circumstance the President of the Mexican United States is resolved on interposing his friendly influence in the cause of peace, as he has done in similar cases.

By special directions of my Government I bring this decision to your knowledge and beg you to kindly let me know if there be no objection thereto, whether the Government of the United States is disposed to mediate in the same sense, as in that case both Governments might take simultaneous action.

I have, etc.,

Jose F. Godoy.