The Acting Secretary of State to Chargé Brown.


(Mr. Bacon instructs Mr. Brown to direct the consul at Tegucigalpa to communicate to the Government of Honduras the President’s gratification at the desire expressed by Honduras to cooperate toward peace and to say that the President is, however, advised that an alliance of Honduras with Salvador is announced and that he earnestly hopes and expects that Honduras will not take any active step at this juncture which might embarrass the happy outcome confidently expected [Page 844] to result from the action of the United States in bringing Guatemala and Salvador together to agree to a suspension of hostilities and to negotiate for an honorable settlement of their difficulties. The neutrality of Honduras and avoidance of military demonstration on the frontier are urgently counseled.

The Government of Guatemala has given assurance that it will not force trouble if Honduras will not molest Guatemala. The neutrality of Honduras can be assured by withdrawing its troops from the frontier and suspending hostile operations in the same manner as the others do.)