Chargé Boutell to the Secretary of State.

No. 119.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of department’s circular instruction, dated August 11, 1906, informing the legation that Mr. E. J. Watson, the head of the department of agriculture, commerce, and immigration of the State of South Carolina, has been commissioned by the governor of that State to proceed to Europe in the prosecution of the work with which his department is charged by the State legislature, and instructing the legation, upon Mr. White’s arrival at The Hague, to notify the Netherlands of his employment and request for him such courteous facilitation of the purposes of his mission as may be in accordance with its laws and due to an official agent of a constitutent State of the American Union.

In reply I have the honor to inform you that on the 14th instant Mr. Watson transmitted to the legation his credentials from the governor of South Carolina, and in his accompanying letters stated that he feared he would be unable to come to Holland, and that therefore he had appointed Dr. S. Davidse as special delegate for this country, and further requested that the legation give him any advice, aid, and assistance in its power. Mr. Watson also notified this office that it would soon receive official notice of Doctor David-see’s appointment through the Department of State.

Shortly after the receipt of the above-mentioned letter from Mr. Watson, Mr. Davidsee, who is a naturalized citizen of the United States but a Hollander by birth, called in person and presented his commission signed by Mr. Watson, appointing him special delegate for this country.

As this legation is, up to the present time, without any official notification regarding Doctor Davidsee’s appointment, and as the department’s circular instruction specially mentions Mr. Watson, I have deemed it proper to await further instructions before taking any steps toward officially presenting Doctor Davidsee to the authorities here.

For the information of the department I inclose herewith a circular and a pamphlet furnished by Doctor Davidsee and intended for broadcast distribution, which show the method which he intends to pursue.

Awaiting the department’s further instruction, I have, etc.,

Roger S. G. Boutell.