The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador.

My Dear Sir Mortimer: I send you a copy of a letter which I have just received from Mr. Gardner, the Representative of Gloucester in the House, which indicates the kindly feeling happily existing between our American fishermen and the Newfoundland officials.

Faithfully, yours,

Elihu Root.

Representative Gardner to Mr. Root.

Dear Mr. Secretary: I spoke to you to-day about the appreciation expressed by Gloucester people of the courteous act of Inspector O’Reilly, who by prompt action recovered American fishing gear and fish that would otherwise have been lost in the ice. I quote from a letter just received from William H. Jordan, collector of the port of Gloucester, Mass.:

“I thought you would be interested in knowing that a letter Mr. Merchant received yesterday from Doctor Webber at Bay of Islands, sent at the request of Captain Ross, stated that Inspector O’Reilly of the Newfoundland cutter Fiona went into Penguin and Goose Arm last Tuesday, which were frozen over, broke up the ice, and recovered all the fishing gear and a large haul of herring that would have been lost except for that act of courtesy on the part of Inspector O’Reilly.”

Very truly, yours,

A. P. Gardner,